The ultimate list of maternity shoot ideas

Pregnancy is a magical moment in your life. You’re growing a whole new human in you! You probably can’t wait to meet them, can you? Well, one of the best ways to commemorate this significant milestone in your life is through a maternity photoshoot.

The best time to plan your maternity shoot is between 28 and 32 weeks. This way, you'll also be able to cross it off your list before you are too uncomfortable to sit through a photo session. Plus, your gorgeous growing belly will be just the right size to show off!

While timing is crucial, it isn't the only consideration when organizing your maternity photoshoot. You'll also want to think about the location (do you go to the beach or do you just do it at home?), your maternity shoot outfits (something to show off your bump, maybe?), and which photographer to use (should you splurge on a professional photographer or just get hubby to do it?).

Whatever your choice may be, your maternity photos are going to be some of the most beautiful and intimate images you'll ever capture. If you are stuck on where to start with them, here is a look at some of the best maternity shoot ideas that will make planning yours a breeze:

📌1. Look deep into my eyes

For this idea, you’ll need your partner. You can do it outside or indoors. All you have to do is lie down somewhere comfortable and make eye contact with your partner. This beautiful moment captured will make for a wonderful maternity photo.

📌2. Involve your older kids

This is a great way to get your older kids to look forward to having a younger sibling. You can have them hug your tummy to show how much they care about their little sibling that’s growing inside you. Make the photo black and white for that timeless feel. 

📌3. Big brother

Head out with your husband and your son. Make the big-brother-to-be the focus and the center of attention by having him stand between you and your partner. You don't need much for this – just a decent setting and a smiling big brother-to-be.

📌4. Big sister

For the sister-to-be, head out to your nearby park and pose among the flowers and trees. Wear a bright blouse that reveals your baby belly and pose while holding your little princess. You can also invite your partner and have everyone touch your stomach for that stunning final piece.

📌5. Blow a kiss

This is as simple as it sounds: blow a kiss to the camera while flaunting your baby belly. You can even incorporate your partner and your older kids if you have them. 

📌6. Lie down with me

In this shot, show your affection by lying down with your spouse and having him cuddle you and your tummy. This photo requires very little equipment, yet it will become a treasured memory for you.

📌7. Include the pets

If you're a dog mom, consider standing with your husband in front of an open door. Then, if you're a second-time parent, have your pets and children walk towards you. This shot will look especially sophisticated and impressive in black and white.

📌8. Laundry day

Make the shot more interesting by having you and your husband hang baby clothing on a washing line. You can throw in a cute onesie that says something adorable like "Snuggle-Time" or anything similar.

Combine your gender reveal with your maternity shoot. Gather your family and place pink or blue smoke in the background to reveal the gender of the baby. Smoke makes great backgrounds, and you can also go to other locations to get other photos taken. 

📌10. Spell Baby

If you want to keep it simple, spell the word Baby using balloons. Then include your entire family in the picture with everyone smiling. Make it more special by going to a beautiful area like the beach.

📌11. Sisterhood

If you have a large family, leave your husband out and get a lovely shot with your sisters instead. Have everyone dress in a different color and carry a teddy bear or flowers in front of a white background. You'll take a seat in the middle, cuddling your lovely stomach.

📌12. Mama, Dada

This one is delightful and requires very little work. Go to the nursery and sit near the cot with a book or signs that say "Mama" or "Dada." You could even bring your pet along.

📌13. In a beautiful field

A simple wide-open field might be the perfect location for a maternity shoot. Find one with tall, thick grass for an especially beautiful backdrop. If your outfit matches the season's colors, you'll get bonus points!

📌14. Take it to the streets

If you live in a city, don't be afraid to embrace your city's industrial atmosphere for an outdoor maternity shoot. Textural backdrops like concrete and metal will give you that urban-chic look.

📌15. Stay on your doorstep

If you want your photos to have that homey feel, you might want to keep things at home. Your front steps are great for posing. The best part about this is that you won't have to haul your pregnant self into town for the photography session. 

📌16. Back-to-Back

The greatest support is undoubtedly having your hubby by your side through difficult times. Standing back-to-back is a great way to demonstrate this – you don't need much, just a decent background setting. You can even make it funny by striking a ridiculous pose!

📌17. All-Day hats

Wear a hat with your partner to give the photos a classy or retro vibe. You can also take the shoot to an open field so you can get a natural backdrop. Throw on a wild-west-inspired lace gown to make the photo look uber country.

📌18. The belly hug

The belly hug is a popular pose among pregnant parents, and it usually works. Hold hands and cuddle your baby belly while your hubby stands behind you. Create a monochromatic photograph that will take your breath away.

📌19. Show some love to your fur babies

Why not include your pet in your maternity shoot? Dogs and cats are great for that extra “aw” factor, especially if you consider your pet to be your first child.

📌20. Pose in front of a graffiti wall.

Selfies taken against walls adorned in brilliant urban murals and eye-catching street art can be seen in droves on Instagram. Why not use the same concept for your outdoor maternity shoot?

📌21. Get a close-up

While you'll want a lot of full-length photographs, a wonderful couple maternity photoshoot idea is to get a few close-ups as well. Concentrate on your arms and hands interlaced in your partner's, as well as that lovely baby bump.

📌22. Take a short walk

Enjoy your pregnancy by taking a simple stroll with your partner and taking lots of photos as you do. The pictures will be stunning. You may show off your belly by wearing a flower-printed maxi dress and just flaunting it throughout.

📌23. By the water's edge

Take a few pics along the lake in the fall. The trees will provide a stunning contrasting backdrop for you to flaunt your baby belly. Pose near the river in a flowing robe with a flower crown for that extra oomph.

📌24. Pop of color

Choose a time when it’s almost dusk or at sunset when the sky's hues are vibrant. Play with color and wear a beautiful flowing outfit that hugs your stomach. The contrast between the obscurity of the surroundings and the brightness of the sun will be breathtaking.

📌25. Fall at the beach

On a crisp fall day, grab your partner and head to the beach. Find a nice area and sit down together. Perhaps let him give you and your bump some kisses. 

📌26. Beachy paradise

Head out to a beautiful beach. Put on a flowing gown, and smile wide for the camera. Not much else is needed to make the photo Instagram-worthy.

📌27. Rock and roll

Dress everyone in black leather jackets, blue pants, and large sunglasses to create an intriguing picture. Place everyone on the stairwell, then rock your belly for the photo. Perfect for that edgy and different maternity shoot idea

📌28. Take my hand in yours

For this idea, take your husband and kids outside. Make everyone wear white while you wear something bright, and then walk away from the camera holding hands. It's basic, yet it captures all of the siblings in one image, and there are no strange facial expressions to worry about.

📌29. In the sand

For this idea, all you have to do is pick a time such as dusk or sunset when the light is beautiful. Then sit on the sand and gently touch your belly. The photo will be even more stunning if you wear a pastel-colored outfit.

Final Thoughts

Maternity photos are a great way to create memories of the time you carried your little one for 9 months. Although it was not all roses and rainbows, it is still a significant time in your life and you deserve to remember the journey that you had.

While there are lots of different maternity shoot ideas that you can try out, we highly recommend using one that speaks to you. Go for something personal and meaningful to you and your family. Also, make sure it is in line with your personality; if you are a humorous person, try a funny idea. If you are an adventurous outdoorsy type, have an outdoor maternity shoot. Whatever you decide, we know the photos will be stunning. Good luck!


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