We love moms. You are our inspiration and the reason we do what we do. And we love to hear their stories! Here you can read about some of the moms we love and get their thoughts on pregnancy, parenting and life.


Christine Jo Miller

Something about labor & delivery that makes you feel so powerful yet so defeated. Strong, but weak. Ready but so not ready. Brave & scared.. Everytime I think I start to regret my natural labor and deliveries, they get here. And I am instantly at peace. And for a second between blacking out, hearing a cry, and grabbing my baby, time stands still. And Everything is instantly ok again. I hope my babies realize how strong and powerful and brave they are from the second they enter this world. 

labor & delivery
Breastfeeding Moms
Breastfeeding Moms


Emily Klein

Breastfeeding is not for the weak hearted. It takes a lot out of you. It takes patience, fighting through tears, pain and exhaustion. It’s different for every body.Every mama. Every baby. But, it’s 100% worth it. To be able to look down and see your tiny human looking back up at you. To feel the warmth of their body against yours, knowing you’re nurturing and comforting each other in those moments. To know that these memories aren’t going to last forever. Breastfeeding has become one of the most rewarding parts of motherhood for me. It’s a bond that I never knew existed. A different type of love. Yes, at the end of the day I feel touched out and tired beyond belief, but I know this is just a blip in time and one day I’ll sleep in again. One day I won’t feel his little fingers dancing along my chest, or grabbing at my face. One day, these moments will be mundane memories that I’ll wish were still happening. One day, life won’t be like this, so I’ll take every sleepless night, cold cup of coffee, and missed shower and appreciate them all. I’ll appreciate every second of this season.

Beautiful moms who wear our plunge lace nursing bra



4 weeks out vs 41 weeks in • a you out there. It feels like it was a long time ago and honestly: I miss the ball. I've always said that I want to have two children. But even during pregnancy I noticed that I would like to have more children. And now the time with Mick and his birth have strengthened me again.


Mami Tra Le Nuvole

I have always found many comfortable nursing bras, but Beautiful I would say no.Until I got the Bralettes by Momanda, they are treated in detail, beautiful & comfortable, I will never leave them anymore.

Beautiful Moms who wear our laca nursing bra
Beautiful moms who wear our double strap lace nursing bra

@ maddiiicat

Madison Swann

 i just wanted to share about my new favorite bra that i was #gifted from @momanda_bras ! they’re soooo cute and comfy and best of all NURSING FRIENDLY! but tbh i’ll probably be wearing this when i’m not nursing too 🤍


Alicia Rubia

The bra I'm wearing is a nursing bra... can you believe that?! MOMANDA sells the most beautiful and affordable nursing bras. I can't get over the comfort and how sexy they make me feel with my big belly. 

Beautiful Moms who wear our laca nursing bra
Beautiful moms who wear our lace nursing bra



 We’re almost 9 months strong into our breastfeeding journey. It’s just a really bittersweet time & I’m going to cherish every last minute of it! I recently got some beautiful new nursing bras from momanda that I just had to share with you all because not only are they easy on the eyes, they are functional, comfy, and affordable!


Ktunaxa Territory

Dear body.Thank you. I promise to continue loving you through Postpartum this time. We struggled last time and I'm sorry. ♡ I appreciate you and all we have accomplished together. 

Beautiful Moms who wear our laca nursing bra

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