Cute maternity shoot outfit ideas

The ultimate list of maternity shoot ideas

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Because your pregnancy is one of the most monumental periods of your life, you naturally want to commemorate it, baby bulge and all. This is why more and more women these days plan maternity photoshoots to mark their journeys. It's time to let your baby belly take center stage through beautiful maternity photographs.

Of course, one of the first things you have to figure out is what you’ll be wearing as you pose for the photos. You probably want to ditch those leggings and sweatshirts and go for top-notch mainstays that are just perfect for any maternity shoot. Whether it's a silky wrap dress or a warm pullover, these unique outfits will instantly make you look stunning.

As you dress the part, though, we highly recommend choosing pregnancy outfits that highlight your lovely baby belly. After all, it's what you're celebrating! Pay close attention to the design and fit of the outfit. If you want to highlight your physique, go for clinging materials and form-hugging shapes. Decorations and highlights in the belly area might also further draw attention to your baby bulge. You may also go all out and wear a sheer or open-front gown! Long, beautiful maternity clothes look great in photos as well.

At the end of the day, though, the best maternity shoot outfit is one that makes you feel like the stunning mama-to-be that you are. Here is a list of some of the best maternity shoot outfit ideas:

What to consider when choosing your maternity shoot outfit

📌1. What is your location?

The first thing you need to consider is your location. Where is the shoot going to take place? Will it be inside or outside? Your maternity photography session can take place anywhere you like (in your home, in a studio, at the beach, in a garden, or the park), but this should inform your outfit choice.

Indoor maternity shoots are cozy and intimate. They are most commonly done in your home in familiar spaces and using props that you already own. Try to go for outfits that will complement your home’s interior colors if you are going to be hanging them around the house. 

Outdoor maternity shoots open you up to a lot more options. This means you also have a lot more to think about when it comes to outfits that you can use. However, you still need to think about styles and colors that will suit the rest of your interiors if you are going to hang the pictures up. If you are going to use the pictures for something other than wall art, such as for baby announcements, baby showers, or even Christmas cards, it may further inform your outfit choices.

📌2. Who else will be in the photos?

Maternity shoots are often also the perfect opportunity to take a few family pictures or couple portraits. Sometimes, the grandparents-to-be will also get to join it, making for some beautiful mom-daughter moments. And don’t forget about your pets if you have them!

This is to say that the people who will be joining you in your maternity shoot will also inform your outfit choices in some way. Do you want to be color coordinated or do you want to stand out? What outfits should they wear that will not drown out your own?

📌3. Choose your outfit according to the season

Try to go for outfits that work well for the season you are in. Sandals may look cute, but in winter, it may be a better idea to go for boots. Plus, depending on the season, some pieces may be harder to find than others. 

Some of the go-to pieces for pregnant plus-size mamas are flowy silhouettes. They are easy to find throughout the year and look flattering no matter how big your bump is. They are great for covering up anything you do not want to show in the photos.

📌4. Avoid dark colors

Your maternity shoot is going to revolve around your belly. You want to highlight it as much as you can. Dark colors are terrible for this. Prints and patterns are also often rather distracting, so you may want to avoid them as well.

Instead, go for light colors like white, beige, pink, light blue, cream, or peach. These colors stand out and flaunt your belly and silhouette. Dark colors like navy blue or black hide your bump and make it look smaller.

If you want to stand out, you can also go for bold colors like red, purple, yellow, and turquoise. Accessorize as you wish to stand out even more. 

What should you wear?

Next, you have to decide the outfit that you’ll wear for the shoot. Here are some cute maternity shoot outfits that will make you the start of the day:

📌1. Go for soft, natural, and solid colors. 

Draw inspiration for your wardrobe colors from nature. If you are planning to get an outdoor shoot, this will guarantee that the colors blend seamlessly with your environment. Soft, plain colors are nice because they shift the focus on your belly, making it stand out more than patterns would. Some popular colors you can go for include white/ivory, blush/pink, and light blue/turquoise.

📌2. Flowy or fitted?

Wearing a snug, fitting maternity outfit that accentuates all of your lovely curves will look amazing. A flowing, maxi dress, on the other hand, is also wonderfully flattering for any shape or size and may hide some of your trouble areas. Flowing outfits also look great in the wind and may add a lot of movement to a photograph. Both approaches result in excellent photographs. It is all up to you!

📌3. Should everyone's outfit match?

Try to coordinate your colors from an overall color scheme point to complement rather than match each family member. Everyone wearing the same thing would make your photos look old-fashioned and dated, which is exactly what you don't want in for your maternity photoshoot. 

📌4. Belts are in

Find a charming and simple narrow belt to enhance your baby bump, especially if you're wearing a loose-fitting dress. This can help define your waistline and complement any flowing or fitting shirt or dress.

📌5. What about maternity dresses?

At the end of the day, you can wear anything that works for you. It doesn't have to be a maternity dress; any dress or outfit that you feel comfortable in would do. If you are feeling like going for maternity dresses, the good news is that there are a lot of options that look great without being cheesy. Perfect for any maternity shoot!

📌6. Don't limit yourself to dresses

Who says only dresses should be worn during maternity shoots? Consider having multiple outfit changes to give yourself lots of options to work with for your shoots. You can start with a gown before switching to a t-shirt and leggings for a more laid-back look. As long as your photographer knows their stuff, you'll always get stunning shots!

📌7. Be comfortable

Comfort is everything in a maternity shoot. The most important thing is that you are happy and enjoy wearing something that you like. Pregnancy is naturally uncomfortable, so make your life a little easier by having a sensible wardrobe. This will make the shoot more enjoyable for you and the good time you have will certainly show in the pictures.

📌8. Prepare at least two different outfits 

Having two different outfits ready for your shoot is a great way to add some variety to your maternity shoot. Prepare one casual and one dressier outfit, or two dresses in various designs or colors. Be sure to let your photographer know that you are planning to do an outfit change in the course of the shoot.

📌9. Take care of the extras

Get your nails done, get your hair done, and get your make-up done. This will be worth it when it's time to take those beautiful closeups. If you go to a professional studio, chances are they will have someone on hand to help with hair and make-up. Otherwise, you may have to take care of it before the day of the shoot.

Maternity outfit ideas for your maternity shoot

Here are a few outfit ideas that will work well for your maternity shoot:

  • Flowy dresses: Flattering and comfortable, they are great for creating drama and movement in the pictures as you flaunt your baby bump.
  • Empire waistlines: These sit above your belly and highlight it for that simple, timeless, and opulent look. 
  • Bodycon dresses: A tight bodycon dress is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to show off her curves. Pair it with cute sneakers for that cool sexy look.
  • Crop top paired with a flowy skirt: Another maternity shoot staple, the stretchy fabric is great for plus-size moms to be!
  • Oversized sweater: Get one in a bold color. Perfect for when you need warm, cozy, lightweight cuteness in your pictures
  • Fitted tops and jeans: Pair this look with boots for a simple yet spicy look in your maternity photos
  • Bump-friendly tank dress: These are usually soft, stretchy, and comfortable. Designed to be long enough to expose all your sexy curves
  • Front open dress: These dresses are designed to celebrate your baby bump, leading to beautiful photos that you’ll celebrate forever. 
  • Maxi dresses: Featuring comfort and lots of movement, maxi dresses photograph beautifully.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this list of ideas and tips has helped you narrow down your options a bit. If you are still undecided about what to wear, be sure to have two looks prepared to give you a wider variety of photos to work with. Good luck!


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